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Intrusion Detection Security Systems

Security Systems by BSIL Security Help Prevent Intrusion for Residential/Businesses across

Installing reliable security systems is the easiest way for businesses to help prevent intrusion.BSIL Security can design, install, service, and monitor effective security systems for businesses in a wide range of industries including commercial, retail, healthcare, financial, education, government, and more. Utilizing motion detectors, glass-break sensors, magnetic contacts or sensors, and other electronic security devices from leading manufacturers including Honeywell,DSC,Texecom and others, our skilled technicians will build a comprehensive, intrusion security system that can detect any unauthorized attempt to access your facility, protecting your property, people, and assets.


To ensure even faster police response times and minimize false alarms,BSIL Security also offers verified alarm solutions. With our DSC audio-verified security systems, audio sensors can silently activate your alarm when they detect the sounds of an attempted break-in. Once the alarm system is triggered, our trained security professionals monitor the audio activity, quickly verify an alarm, and communicate key information to law enforcement, leading to a higher apprehension rate than traditional alarms. We also offer premier, video-verified intrusion solutions. Aside from a video surveillance system being a great visual deterrent, video-verified security systems allow our monitoring center specialists to confirm a break in visually, elicit a priority police response, and provide real-time information on intruder activities.

Along with reliable security systems,BSIL Security is committed to providing businesses with an exceptional level of support. We focus on delivering operational excellence in The Five Customer Touchpoints to create a superior experience for our customers:

Account Management

We have knowledgeable security account managers available nationwide to ensure our clients are receiving the security solutions and services they need.BSIL Security provides centralized customer and administrative support, with a single point of contact for all your locations nationally.


With offices in areas across the Delhi/Ncr,Gurgaon, we have skilled and certified local installation technicians who can deliver on-time, on-budget installations to meet our clients’ needs.


BSIL Security delivers exceptional service to our customers by employing knowledgeable and highly trained local technicians to perform service on our clients’ security systems. In addition, regularly scheduled preventative maintenance and service plans are available to protect our clients’ security investments and reduce downtime.


BSIL Security owns Customer Service Centers on pan india basis to provide reliable, 24/7, bilingual monitoring for our clients’ security systems with automatic communication redundancy to ensure constant protection.


BSIL Security strives to offer seamless, trouble-free billing services to our customers, and provides visibility into billing activities through eServices. For our National Account customers, we provide centralized billing services and national pricing for all your locations

Don’t want to answer the door? Check who it is and choose the response. Even if someone tries to fiddle with the door lock at night, the night vision cameras allow you to check it within seconds and take action.

For more information on our intrusion detection security systems, contact BSIL Security today.Give us a Call +1-98-100-27005

Our Products

intruder alarm system

Wireless Keypad

Wireless keyboards based on infrared technology use light waves to transmit signals to other infrared-enabled devices,Go cordless with the Wireless Numeric Keypad, which is great for working on spreadsheets or for other financial applications.

intruder system

Touch Screen Keypad

Our latest touch keypad, is both an ideal learning tool for capacitive touch sensing keypads.Touch screen technology has been around for a number of years but advanced touch screen technology has come on in leaps and bounds recently.

intruder alarm system

Control Panel

Control Panel is the centralized configuration area in Windows. Being the heart of our security solution, it controls all the events and notifications, using a dual communication system through both the Internet and SIM

intruder alarm system

Key Fob

Durable, scratch-resistant buttons 4 programmable function keys Long-life lithium batteries included Full 3-second delay on panic alarm to reduce false alarms Multifunction belt clip included Reliable 433 MHz technology Optional generic rubber insert included Water resistant

cctv security cameras

External IP Camera

Ensures 24/7 safety of your premises through (privacy protected) live video streaming even during dark. Available on Mobile devices from anywhere; Stores video content on the cloud eliminating the need for any DVR

intruder alarm system

Smoke & Heat Detector

Our advanced rate-of-rise detecting component is designed especially for Indian conditions Automatic drift compensation Easy-maintenance removable smoke chamber Self diagnostics

intruder system

Motion Detector with Intigrated Camer

Visual alarm verification in day and night Full color, high-resolution images transmitted from the premises via Cellular or Ethernet CMOS camera with IR illumination Auto-setup for brightness and contrast via the control panel Front cover and back tamper Pet immune up to 85 lbs (38kg)

intruder alarm system

Magnetic Door Contact

Built-in reed switch Normally closed external contact input 1 lithium battery included Reliable 433 MHz and 868 MHz technology Available in brown housing Case and wall tamper

intruder alarm system

External Siren

Siren Output – 100dB Siren sounds for alarms and squawks Strobe light functionality for visual indication Provides temperature to WT5500 wire-free keypad Transmits RF status, low battery and tamper condition Large print area for company logo

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